Consorzio Bealera Maestra: from water management to the management of Renewable Energy Communities






euros for the adaptation of irrigation infrastructures


8 primary cabins

Up to 50

MW of photovoltaic systems

From drought management to Energy Communities: climate change as a driver of innovation in territorial governance

The Consortium has decided to adopt a strategy of responsible and sustainable use of water resources to effectively distribute water to companies in the agro-zootechnical sector: i.e. switching from traditional flowing and submersible irrigation systems to pressurized networks equipped with sprinklers ( including “drop by drop” ones).
For these network upgrade interventions, 76 million euros have been allocated to the CBMDS, of which the first lot (€20 million) has already been contracted and the construction site was inaugurated last Friday 19 May.

The increase in energy costs that occurred in 2022 caused the charges that the Consortium pays for pumping to skyrocket, resulting in the urgent need to define systemic policies to contain and stabilize expenses. The Consortium has therefore decided to promote a series of primary substation Renewable Energy Communities (CER) in the territory of the associated Municipalities, with the aim of reducing bill costs and creating value through the energy transition, value that will be made available of the territory.